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Tattoo parlor, nail salon work through pandemic regulations

Darkside Tattoos follows CDC guidelines during pandemic
Posted at 10:23 PM, Oct 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-16 23:23:28-04

GREEN BAY (NBC26) -- The pandemic has added extra challenges for some personal care businesses where getting close to clients is part of the job.

Art or design that requires breathing canvases has more rules to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There’s more cleaning than actual tattooing, but we’re open and we’re very happy about that," said Jesse Zeise, artist and owner of Darkside Tattoos.

The Green Bay parlor is closely following CDC guidelines and regulations to keep customers safe and its doors open.

Zeise said they're taking customers by appointment only and limiting capacity to one client per artist.

Masks are required. Darkside Tattoos provides masks for those who don't have one.

"We’re trying to stop this contagion that’s going on," Zeise said. "When they walk in this door they get yelled at right away to put a mask on, because we’re not going to tolerate it. The rules are what are trying to keep people safe.”

In-person contact is minimized with online or over the phone consultations.

All surfaces are cleaned regularly with hospital-grade cleaners. Zeise said as a tattoo shop, sanitation has always been a top priority. Common areas and high-touch surfaces like door nobs and restrooms are wiped down more often. Hand sanitizer is placed on counters and tables around the room.

“It’s challenging, but it’s been working out," Zeise said. "Trying to keep things safe is probably the best thing, because things are only getting worse.”

Tattoo parlors aren't the only personal care businesses following these rules.

Nail salons are in the same boat.

Plexiglass barriers separate mask-wearing nail techs and clients at iElegant Nails Salon and Pedicure Spa. People can put their hands under a small square at the bottom of the glass for staff to do their nails on the other side.

Similar to Darkside Tattoos, cleaning has always been important at iElegant Nails. Due to the pandemic, it's been increased.

Chairs and tables are sanitized between customers. Single use liners used in the pedicure bowls are disposed of after each client.

To keep people out of the waiting area, customers are asked to schedule appointments online. They will receive a text message when staff is ready for them to enter the building.

Walk-in customers are welcome, but asked not to wait inside if there are people ahead of them.

“A lot of extra work. Probably double the work," said Pam Kinnard, a spokesperson for iElegant Nails Salon and Pedicure Spa. “The clientele has gone down. People are afraid to come out, but we’re doing everything that we can to keep everyone safe and healthy.”

Both businesses ask people that if they're not feeling well to not go to appointments or walk-in as safety is a priority.