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"Take Charge of your Brain - It's Kind of a Big Deal" coming to Green Bay Botanical Garden

The Brain Center of Green Bay is hosting its second annual brain awareness event for all ages, and people will get the opportunity to stimulate their minds.
Posted at 6:03 AM, Mar 13, 2024

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — It's called "Take Charge of Your Brain - It's Kind of a Big Deal," and it's happening tonight at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

Organizers say everyone is invited and should take their brain health seriously.

"The brain is kind of a big deal as we can see, because we rarely think about it," said Brain Center of Green Bay Program Manager Lareina Tipping.

Tipping offered a glimpse of what children will be learning during the event when it comes to brain health, and she says it's the non-profit group's second annual event.

"Anyone that has a brain should come to our event. The theme is neuroplasticity- you use it or you lose it. Basically what we have habits that form in our brain pathways and neurons. So, we really want to strengthen it like any other muscle," Tipping said.

Tipping says the Brain Center is focusing more on children this year and the importance of protecting your brain, but everyone is encouraged to attend.

She says their six coaches will be available, and they'll be touching on everything from the importance of getting good rest to stimulating your body and mind through exercise and other activities if you're living with an issue like Dementia or Parkinson's Disease.

"It's amazing, because we are a free resource center. We don't charge for our services. Our coaches are all volunteers. They have either a medical background as a registered nurse or a background in social work, and they can just really connect with people and explain in it layman terms, and give them the time they need, as well," Tipping said.

Tipping said it's her goal to have at least 300 attendees where people of all ages will be able to learn and have their minds stimulated through a cooking demonstration, yoga, boxing and dancing, discussing the importance of music and hopefully sharing more information with children about brain health.

"Something the brain is really, really good at is thinking. Thinking, and thinking and thinking," Tipping read.

Tonight's event kicks off at 3:00 and goes until 7:00 at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.