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Supply chain issues leading to shortage of artificial Christmas trees

Posted at 9:58 PM, Oct 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-25 14:45:09-04

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — If you’re in the market for an artificial Christmas tree, you may want to start your shopping now. Supply chain issues and inflated shipping costs are causing a shortage of artificial trees at local stores.

Owner of Taylor Creek Mike Capp says this year he's experienced significant delays with the delivery of Christmas trees and decor. He says normally his store's artificial trees would arrive in early fall, but due to delays fueled by the nationwide workers shortage, many still haven't arrived.

“Normally the beginning of September is when our trees would arrive so we have plenty of time to get them organized, get them shaped, and for everything to get set up for our Christmas display,” Capp said.

But with the store's Christmas opening starting on October 30th, he says it’s now a mad dash to get what few trees they do have set up in time. In addition, due to inflated shipping costs, many stores are being forced to raise the prices of artificial trees. Capp estimates he’ll have to increase the prices of trees about five to ten percent this year this compared to last year.

“At this point I’m trying to hold pricing to where it normally is," Capp said. "There is going to be some price increases that happen but we’re trying to stay where it is to show the value of our trees.”

Due to inflated shipping costs, Capp estimates he’ll have to increase the prices of trees about five to ten percent this year this compared to last year.

With no way of knowing when the rest of his trees will arrive, Capp says there also may not be as wide of a selection this year.

“We do have trees in stock it’s just we don’t have our full selection," Capp said. "Something might be in clear lights and they want it in multi or the other way around or different heights in trees because we go from four and a half feet to twelve feet tall.”

But while the supply chain issues mean that many styles may come in later than usual, customers will be able to pre-order their trees in advance. Capp says his suppliers are sending samples of artificial trees that customers can order from.

“We actually have samples that they’re air freighting in to us so that we can at least set samples up on the floor," Capp said. "Folks that are shopping can see the different styles that we have and if they want to buy it, they can buy it from the samples and as soon as our container arrives we’ll be ready to go.”

That's why if you’re shopping for an artificial tree, Capp says his advise is to get out early and often. He is asking customers for patience if the style or height of tree they want is not currently in stock.

“Get out early and see what people have, and if they don’t have what you want, just take your time and come back later,” Capp said.