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Son of Cherry Starr reflects on the memory of his mother

Posted at 9:48 AM, Feb 28, 2024

The passing of Cherry Starr means we have lost a couple beloved in Wisconsin for more than a half-century.

For years, Bart and Cherry Starr would return to Milwaukee for the annual Lombardi Ball to fight cancer and raise money for research.

In the final year, the Starr's would be together at this event, it's an unforgettable memory.

Tuesday afternoon, reporter Lance Allan asked Bart Starr Junior about it.

"Lance Allan asks one of my favorite photos Bart is at the Lombardi Awards where I handed your Mom and your Dad a commemorative plate. And when she opened it up, she was relieved to know that it was a plate. And without missing a beat, she said oh my word Lance, I'm so happy. I thought this was a negligee and the whole room cracked up laughing."

Lance Allan also asked Bart Starr Junior about the force of nature his mother was.

"Oh my gosh Lance, do you have four hours?" Bart Starr Junior says with a laugh. "That's the short answer. I could regale you with stories along those lines, along different lines from all kinds of different angles. Bring her personality into a sparkling and clear vision for us. That's exactly how she was."

The Starr's loved Wisconsin and Wisconsin loved them back. They were truly sweethearts and a marriage made in heaven, where they are now reunited.