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Smart home technology 'booming' during pandemic

Northeast Wisconsin man starts business to meet demand
Smart home technology 'booming' during pandemic
Posted at 10:32 PM, Jan 08, 2021

ALLOUEZ (NBC26) — A new survey shows there's an increased demand for smart home technology amid the pandemic, an emerging trend that's created a boom in business for one Northeast Wisconsin man.

Tim Nass worked as an electrician for more than two decades. In February 2020, he left that job to start his own businesses.

Nass is the owner of Pulse Audio Video. The business offers services in custom audio, video and WiFi installation, as well as smart home technology, which includes things like lighting, shading and temperature controls from a smart device. People can also use smart devices to play back video on security cameras and view smoke or carbon monoxide levels.

These are new home features Nass said people seem to want more of during the pandemic.

“I’ve seen a lot of need around the area for a custom installer. Smart technology has been picking up. A lot of people need help setting up new devices," Nass said.

A survey by Xiaomi, a global Chinese electronics company, found 70 percent of consumers made changes to their living environment during the pandemic and 50 percent bought at least one smart device.

“A lot of people are using more and more technology every day, so they want to be able to utilize their products with other products," Nass said.

With many people still working at home, three out of five respondents said their leisure and work environments have merged together. Of those, more than 60 percent reported they bought smart home devices to adapt living spaces to current needs.

“Internet has been highly used lately with the pandemic, especially with people’s kids being home right now doing school at home," Nass said. "They have to have a strong WiFi network."

Key findings in Xiaomi's survey found some of these technological solutions may stick around for the long term. If stay at home orders return in 2021, nearly 40 percent of consumers reported they'd consider upgrading devices. Forty-one percent said they'd adapt a room in their home.

Experts expect smart home technology will be a continuing trend in home improvement into 2021.

With a promising road ahead, it's the human component Nass said he enjoys the most.

"I like meeting new people, and showing them how to use their products and making their lives a little easier."