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School districts are once again listening to healthcare leaders for facemask recommendations

Posted at 7:15 PM, Apr 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-05 20:15:20-04

APPLETON, Wis (NBC 26) -- The statewide face mask order was just lifted last week, and some parents may be wondering if their children's school will be eliminating face mask requirements as well.

When students were welcomed back to school for in-person learning in Appleton, wearing a face mask to class became routine, and soon not that big of a deal for many students.

"There was always a little bit of concern and pause there, but they too have really stepped up. That's what they do. I go to school, I put my mask on, and I come home, and that's what I have to do." Says Polly Vanden Boogaard the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services for the Appleton Area School District.

Vanden Boogard says students and staff have embraced the face mask requirement, which for a long time was consistent with the state's face mask order. But today, there is no state mandate in place, and so far, that hasn't had an impact on the district's policy.

"We are taking it day by day. We're taking information from the department of health services, from the CDC, and so we will continue to reevaluate as new information becomes available."

The Appleton Area School District was one out of two districts, out of more than a dozen, to answer NBC26's call today. We wanted to know if they would be lifting their mask requirements after the Governor's emergency order was lifted.

"We'll continue to move forward with those (facemask) guidelines. We know it works, they kept our students in school and safe. So, at this time, we continue to require masks in our buildings."

Some districts don't have a choice just yet because certain municipalities have put in mask requirements. But others, including Appleton, do have a decision to make and only time will tell when some of them will decide to make changes.

"We just appreciate everyone's willingness to wear their masks and to be safe so that we can continue to educate our learners."