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Suspicious death in Ripon linked to overdose

Posted at 12:03 PM, Apr 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-13 18:09:41-04

RIPON (NBC 26) — UPDATE: Three people have been taken into custody after investigations showed they were involved in the death of an 18-year-old Ripon male.

The City of Ripon Police Department released further information on a suspicious death investigation that showed an 18-year-old Ripon resident died due to a drug overdose.

Investigations lead officials to a possible location and a search warrant was served at a residence. During the search, evidence of narcotics use and additional information was developed about the case. At the location, a 21-year-old male was taken into custody on a probation hold and is in custody at the Fond du Lac County Jail.

Additional searches were conducted on April 13, officers took a 15-year-old Fond du Lac County resident and a 16-year-old Ripon resident into custody for their role in the death of the 18-year-old male. Both subjects are being held at the Fond du Lac County Juvenile Detention Facility.

Information gained during the investigation alleges that on April 6, the 15-year-old, 16-year-old, and 18-year-old victim went to a Scott Street residence and engaged in narcotics use, with some of the narcotics being supplied by juveniles.

It was during that time that officials report that the 18-year-old victim began to experience overdose symptoms and became unresponsive.

Several of the subjects at the residence took the victim from the house, placed him outside and fled, leaving the victim on the sidewalk.

Investigators are referring charges to the DA's Office and/or Juvenile Court on all subjects involved in this incident which could include reckless homicide, party to the crime of reckless homicide, keeping/maintaining a drug house, obstructing an officer, possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics with the intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Ripon Police Department thanks the members of the community that contacted them with information about the case.


The Ripon Police Department is investigating a suspicious death that occurred on Friday, April 7 at 6:30 a.m.

Officers were dispatched to the area of Scott Street and Stanton Street for a report of a person lying on the sidewalk in the area. Officials released that upon arrival, officers found a deceased 18-year-old Ripon resident.

Christian Rodriguez said the person found dead was his friend.

"I knew him pretty well growing up," Rodriguez said. "It's like crazy how someone like you actually hung out with is actually like, not there to like talk to or anything anymore."

Rodriguez, 14, said he knew this person since he was five or six.

"I ended up finding out it was him by looking at his obituary online," Rodriguez said. "And then, I figured out like, 'dang, I knew him back then and stuff.'"

Ripon School Resource and Community Liaison Officer Lindsey Michels said the 18-year-old found dead was a male.

His name has not been released.

"Obviously, the age of the subject is a concern, also, because you know, younger people we usually don't find that way either," Michels said.

The City of Ripon Police Department is asking anyone that has home security cameras and resides in the area of Tygert Street, Hall Street, East Jackson Street, Houston Street, Scott Street and Stanton Street to review their camera systems and report any video images found between April 6 in the evening and April 7 at 6:00 a.m.

Michels said several people have already reached out.

"So, we greatly appreciate all of the support from the community, and for them reaching out to us to provide that information," Michels said.

Ronald Silber lives on East Jackson Street near where the man was found dead.

He said he's already turned in his security footage to police, a small favor that could help in a big way in this city of under 8,000.

"We're very tight-knit in this community," Silber said. "And so, everybody looks out for each other."

Anyone with information surrounding the incident should contact the City of Ripon Police Department at 920-748-2888.