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Republican State Senator Robert Cowles stepping down

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Posted at 2:56 PM, Apr 08, 2024

MADISON (NBC 26) — State Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) announced Monday he will not be seeking reelection for the 2nd Senate District.

“After much thought and deliberation, I have decided not to seek reelection to the Wisconsin State Senate.

Many of the amazing individuals that I’ve collaborated with do their work in the background. I want to thank some of these great people who I’ve had the privilege of working with during my time in the Legislature.

First, our state government truly wouldn’t function properly without the dedicated nonpartisan staff serving the Legislature, including Joe Chrisman and his team at the Legislative Audit Bureau, Anne Sappenfield and her team at the Legislative Council, Bob Lang and his team at the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Rick Champagne and his team at the Legislative Reference Bureau, and everyone in the Chief Clerk’s Office, Sergeants’ Office, Human Resources Office, and Technical Services Bureau. Thank you to these people who helped me do my job better.

Second, few people have the chance to get to know the elected officials representing Wisconsinites at the state and local level on a professional and personal level like I have over the years. Despite policy disagreements at times, I’ve met some outstanding individuals who serve their constituents with honor and respect. I wish my colleagues all the best in their efforts to serve the people of Wisconsin in the coming sessions.

Third, my staff, past and present, have been dedicated to helping advance my work and assist the people of Northeast Wisconsin. I’ve been grateful to have these individuals willing to work in my office, and I want to wish them all the best as they go forward in their careers.

Last but certainly not least, the people of Northeast Wisconsin have been endlessly kind to me. From entrusting me with an amazing responsibility to serve them, the civility they’ve largely showed even in disagreement, and the countless times I’ve been welcomed into events, meetings and tours, I’ve met so many exceptional people that always reminded me what the work of a legislator is truly all about. Thank you for this privilege!

I’ve enjoyed the opportunity I’ve had to meet people in the State Capitol and throughout Wisconsin who share my love for the state we call home. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who wakes up every day working to make our great state an even better place.”
State Sen. Robert Cowles

Cowles, 73, was born in Green Bay. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from UW-Green Bay in 1975 also did some graduate work there.

Cowles was elected to the State Assembly in 1982. He has been serving in Wisconsin's 2nd Senate District since 1987.

Cowles is currently the chair of the Committee on Natural Resources and Energy and also serves on several other committees.