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Red Cross offers tips to stay safe in brutal cold weather

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Posted at 7:20 PM, Feb 10, 2021

WISCONSIN (NBC 26) — With Northeast Wisconsin in the grips of sub-zero wind chills, the American Red Cross has some tips for staying safe.

First and foremost you should dress in layers, and keep your skin from getting exposed. Second, always limit your time out in the cold, especially if it is windy. Make sure you stay hydrated and stay warm with hot drinks.

You should also make sure that your car has an emergency kit, in case of an emergency.

Dr. Kerry Ahrens, an emergency physician with BayCare Clinic, says it's also important to know the warning signs of frostbite.

"Blue lips in kids, blue ears... The ears tend to be very susceptible to the temperature changes," she said. "Especially if they don't have a hat on, or some sort of ear covering. Your fingertips tend to get a little blue-ish also."

Doctor Ahrens says you should pay more attention to the windchill than the actual air temperature.