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Ready for the 4th: Damaged campers hauled from campground after tornado damage

Posted at 6:04 PM, Jul 03, 2024

OCONTO COUNTY, Wis. — After an EF-1 tornado moved through an Oconto County campground in late June, cleanup continued Wednesday ahead of Independence Day, and crews hauled away the final damaged campers set for removal.

  • Property was damaged but no one was hurt at Krueger’s Campground when an EF-1 tornado rolled through the area in western Oconto County in late June
  • Cleanup continued Wednesday at the campground, and ahead of the holiday weekend, crews hauled away the final campers set for removal
  • People at the campground changed plans due to the storm damage, but multiple campers were thankful that no one was hurt in the storm

(The following is a transcript of the broadcast story.)

A holiday weekend for looking: At the sunny sky, at the lake, at flags.

But some things are hard to look at for Doreen Davis.

“It’s still, yeah…” [Davis said], turning away from her brother-in-law’s camper at Krueger’s Campground, near Cecil in western Oconto County.

[The camper was damaged in a June 25 tornado.]

There’s what did happen [here].

“Tornado came through,” [Davis said].

And what didn’t.

“[My brother-in-law] has two kids that could have been inside [the camper].”

But the storm rolled through on a weekday; no one was inside.

“Just glad nobody got hurt,” [Davis said].

“Had this tornado come through, say, on the 4th of July, would your brother-in-law and his family been in there do you think?” [reporter Jon Erickson asked].

“Yes,” [Davis responded]…

So with the [damaged] campers pulled away, plans change.

But with everyone OK, there can still be plans to make.

Doreen says her brother-in-law is still coming to the campground for the holiday, [and] will stay with her.

“And we’re still going to be able to enjoy the weekend… and we’ll help him through it,” [Davis said].