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"Plowing roads" Which streets are cleared first and why?

Green Bay Public Works leaders say crews have already been hard at work to keep roads cleared. That includes treating bridges and overpasses with brine to avoid freezing before the winter storm hits.
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Posted at 2:01 AM, Jan 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-09 03:01:07-05

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — Green Bay Public Works crews have already been hard at work to keep drivers safe.

That includes treating bridges and overpasses with a salt-mixed brine solution to keep these surfacing from freezing.

"If your street is not addressed by the morning or afternoon commute by the time you're moving in your vehicle, drive carefully. DPW will be out there whether it's city, county or state or other cities. It doesn't matter, we're all going to be out there. If there are concerns, by all means, call us in. Sometimes, there may be a moment where we miss a street. Again, the human condition prevails, and we don't want to miss any streets, but keep us informed. That's what we're here for," Green Bay Public Works Operations Division Director Chris Pirlot said.

Pirlot would like to remind drivers that Wisconsin has far more bridges than a lot of neighboring states, and they've been busy putting down that brine to ensure black ice doesn't accumulate.

He says they have nearly 90 units clearing roads Tuesday morning, and they encourage anyone who wants to help to reach out to the Department of Public Works. He says to also reach out if you're street has not been cleared later on during the day.

He wants to remind people that crews prioritize busier streets, and then they start moving through residential areas.