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Pittsfield residents discuss annexation at town meeting

Pittsfield meeting
Posted at 11:13 PM, Apr 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-19 00:13:35-04

PITTSFIELD — Residents of Pittsfield gathered at their annual town meeting Tuesday night to discuss the possibility of portions of the town being annexed by the Village of Howard.

Keith Deneys, the town chairmen, says that while the town will never be annexed in its entirety, Howard has plans to develop the bottom third of the town.

“Howard’s been quite clear, if you look back at their organizational plans and what not they plan on developing a major portion of the south end of the town," Deneys said.

Two annexations have already happened since the last annual town meeting. One was a single residence, the other was about 40 acres at the corner of Sunny Brook Dr. and Glendale Ave on the border with Howard. 

Deneys says one major reason developers want to annex is the issue of water supply, so the town is now looking at a new solution.

Last month the City of Green Bay Common Council voted for Green Bay water to provide water to the Village of Pulaski. Now, Pittsfield is negotiating a way to hook up to Pulaski's water pipelines down the road.

"With the village of Pulaski putting a waterline through the township we are working on a memorandum of understanding with the village of Pulaski to try to get municipal water supply to the town also," Deneys explained.

While the residents at the meeting Tuesday are against annexation by Howard, they're also concerned about relying on water from Pulaski as many currently rely on their own wells.

The town board will meet with Pulaski once again on April 25th to discuss a deal on the water pipeline.

We previously spoketo Howard's public works director previously told us that some people in Pittsfield want the annexation by Howard. This is to due to services like leaf service and trash. He said the annexation is to accommodate Howard's growth, and could take up to 30 years.