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Packers fans celebrating Wild Card matchup against the Cowboys down in Dallas

Packers Everywhere is hosting a pep rally ahead of the game on Saturday, January 13
Posted at 11:36 AM, Jan 10, 2024

DALLAS, Texas — Packers fans are known for traveling to the ends of the Earth for their team and this weekend is no exception.

On Saturday, the Green and Gold will be flying, deep in the heart of Texas.

“It really is a thank you to our fans that aren't, local and maybe they can never attend a game at Lambeau Field,” said Haylee Helmle, fan experience manager for the Green Bay Packers.

Helmle is also one of the key organizers behind Packers Everywhere, the official place to find bars, events and connect with fellow Cheeseheads around the world.

“It's our goal to give them a platform where they can win game tickets or win a trip to a pep rally when a trip to Lambeau Field, but also then to find fans within their communities that they live in,” said Helmle.

Ahead of the Wild Card matchup between the Packers and Cowboys, they are hosting a pep rally on Saturday, January 13 at Chicken N Pickle in Dallas.

Helmle says they are expecting thousands of people to show up to cheer on the team they love.

“We've heard of people forming like lifelong friendships from our website because they met at Packers bars and now they watch the games with the same people at the same bar every weekend,” said Helmle.

One of those bars that brings in the Packers spirit in Cowboys country is Benders Sports and Spirits.

General manager Tristan Frasure says their place is packed with fans every Sunday, thanks to a growing group of loyal fans.

“All credit is due to the North Texas Cheddarheads. Their local bar shut down, so they came to us,” said Frasure. “At heart, we're Cowboys fans. But they came to us and money's green, Pack’s green. So, there we go.”

Frasure says the energy is already building days ahead of the big game and he's excited to see what happens.

“I know all of our regulars here in Dallas were already telling me that they're coming up to the game and they may have a few words for the Packer fans here, but you know, the Pack will be strong here anyways,” said Frasure.

For more information about the pep rally, click here.