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One year following George Floyd's Death, woman says the pain is still very real for Green Bay's African American community

Black Lives Matter Protests
Posted at 7:51 PM, May 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-25 22:13:27-04

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — It’s been a year since George Floyd’s death which sparked Black Lives Matter protests across the country.

While the initial protests and marches largely faded, the push for justice has remained.

“Obviously there was a small celebration with the prosecution of Derek Chauvin which we weren’t really 100% sure on even though we all knew it was murder, just because of how our criminal justice system works, but we still don’t have that sense of relief yet, that sense of safety,”said Hannah Beauchamp-Pope.

Black Lives Matter Protest

Hannah Beauchamp-Pope is a student at UW-Green Bay and the vice president of the Black Student Union.

Black Lives Matter Protests

She was one of dozens who marched at local rallies across Green Bay and Appleton.

One year later following Floyd’s death she says the pain is still very real.

Black Lives Matter Protests

“Overall we're still as if it was just May 25th of 2020. We are still hurting, we are still feeling the pain of our brothers and sister across the nation being murdered because they still are unfortunately,” Beauchamp-Pope said.

She said as a woman of color in Northeast Wisconsin, it can be hard to find that sense of safety. So much she said its even anxiety inducing.

"I think the hardest part is not to let the fear control you, for example like I have certain behaviors that I try to stop doing like turning down the radio when the police pull up next to me because I'm afraid,” Beauchamp-Pope said.

NBC 26 spoke with the Green Bay Police Department who say they're constantly evolving, looking at their training plan and continuing to make strong connections with the community.

Click hereto listen to what Commander Kevin Warych had to say about what the department has learned over the last year.

Green Bay Police Department

"Topics to include de-escalation, professional communications, use of force, first amendment assemblies. Really making sure that our own people here internally have the information and knowledge so they can better serve the Green Bay community,” said Kevin Warych, Green Bay Police Commander.

He also said a state task force on racial disparities put out 18 recommendations. He said Green bay is currently doing 13 of those and they're working on the 14th.

green bay police.jpeg

Watch below as Commander Kevin Warych explains it a little more in detail:

In the meantime, Beauchamp-Pope says the fight for justice is not over, but can be laid one brick at a time.

Black Lives Matter Protest

"Just be more aware of your biased, your prejudice and the things that you do that are contributing to the systematic consequences that we see affect marginalized communities and just try to change that one day at a time,” Beauchamp-Pope said.