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On the record with Alex Lasry: An NBC 26 exclusive interview

On the record with Alex Lasry: An NBC 26 exclusive interview
Posted at 12:26 AM, Jul 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-26 08:55:52-04

MILWAUKEE (NBC 26) — On Monday NBC 26 sat down one-on-one with Alex Lasry, who is a Democratic candidate running for U.S. Senate.

Throughout his campaign, Lasry, who is the Milwaukee Bucks executive, has been using his experience from the NBA team to show he can get things done.

"All the things I was able to do with the Bucks. Leading the team that helped make sure we had a $15 minimum wage, making sure that we were creating 10,000 good paying union jobs and showing that we were sourcing our materials right here from Wisconsin. These are all things that I think shows people that I'm not someone who is just talking about this

In his message to voters, Lasry touched on several topics, including public safety.

On the record with Alex Lasry: An NBC 26 exclusive interview

“We were one of the first candidates to put out, I think the first candidate to put out a public safety plan and that had a three prong approach. The first was to make sure that police had the resources they need to stop and solve crime,” said Lasry. “The second part and I think it’s one of the more under looked parts in public safety is investing in our public infrastructure. Ensuring that we've got things like jobs training programs, after school programs, investing in our education and in technologies in our city. And the third thing that we need to make sure we're doing is having real gun control. Make sure we're banning assault weapons and ghost guns."

When it comes to the latest on Roe v Wade, Lasry shared his disappointment.

"That is not something that should happen in this country and we've got to make sure we can get people to the senate that aren’t going to be voting to take away those rights but are going to be voting to enshrine those votes into law,” Lasry said.

Lasry said the economy can be stabilized by putting more money into the pockets of people.

Part of that is by making sure workers have access to a $15 dollar minimum wage.

"So that people can make sure that if you're working full time you can make a living wage, you can support your family,” Lasry said.

To continue the efforts, Lasry has called for more investments in technical colleges.

"If you're going to be an electrical worker you're not worried about a minimum wage. You're getting paid 30, 40, 50 bucks an hour,” Lasry said.

And with that he said he will advocate to minimize student debt.

"No more predatory interest rates to ensure that if you work in public service, your student debt gets erased and anyone making $125,000 or less get their student loans forgiven,” Lasry said.

He vows to be a voice for all Wisconsinites no matter if you're leaning right or left.