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'Oh heck no!' Waupaca County locals react to buffalo on the loose

Posted at 5:58 PM, May 14, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-14 18:58:53-04

WAUPACA (NBC 26) — A warning continues in Waupaca County: beware of buffalo!

  • A buffalo or bison is loose in Waupaca County.
  • Many locals say they're surprised.
  • The Waupaca County Sheriff's Office asks anyone who sees a bison to not approach it, and to contact them.

The sheriff's office sent the warning out on Facebook Monday after they say neighbors spotted a loose buffalo on County Highway E north of Ogdensburg.

I visited Waupaca County to see what locals thought.

"It is something to see though, for sure." Waupaca local Raymond Franz said.

Many in the community agreed with him.

"It’s kind of abnormal to have one of them around," Waupaca local Joe Karpinski said.

The sheriff’s office identified the animal as a buffalo on Facebook, but some locals aren’t sure.

“Actually, it’s a bison," Karpinski said.

There are several bison farms near that area, but the sheriff’s office hasn’t confirmed which one is missing a bison.

Because of these farms, Waupaca local Colleen Wright wasn't too fazed by the news that one is loose.

"I'm really not surprised. It's not the first time it's happened. I hope they find it though!" Wright said.,

The landowner on one farm I visited on County Highway E said she allows a local farmer graze bison on her property, but she isn’t aware of one that’s missing.

The people I talked to told me what they’d do if they saw the animal.

"I don't know. Depends on if it's being docile or not," Franz said.

"Not exactly sure! Probably just go, 'ok!'" Wright said.

"I’d pull out my camera and start taking many, many pictures and send it to my friends and laugh," Karpinski said.

When I Karpinski whether he'd approach the animal, he had a quick response: "Oh heck no!"

The Waupaca County Sheriffs Office said catching the bison is up to the ranch owner, but urges anyone who spots the buffalo to call them and not approach the creature.