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NWTC Artisan and Business Center adapting the way they teach their art classes

NWTC Artisan and Business Center
Posted at 11:20 AM, Mar 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-22 20:26:40-04

WISCONSIN (NBC 26) — Like many other institutions, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) had to rapidly adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and get creative with some of their programs.

Specifically, the NWTC Artisan and Business Center has had to change the way they teach their art classes.

Here’s a neat look at one of their recent demonstrations.

Aaron Reimers, the Artistic Design Project coordinator is seen here filming and demonstrating weaving a few weeks back to a group of student at Green Bay East High School.

“We ended up using the Neville public museum virtual archives to look at pictures and how to kind of mash those together. So we’ve had to look at things in a digital format and figure out a project that they were comfortable with,” Reimers said.

Every year, they partner with Green Bay East High School to teach art classes to 20 to 25 students.

Something that was once aimed to enhance the high school experience has now changed completely virtual.

“A lot of stuff is heavily tool based that we are teaching them and that’s not something we can easily send home with them to do. We had to change our projects that we were going to do with them to meet those needs,” Reimers said.

Changes also had to be made to the programs they offer to home-school families.

While they did offer it last fall, this spring they did cancel the program but are working to hopefully get it back running next fall.

“We had a really big mix, it was really kind of split down the middle. Some really wanted in-person learning and some really wanted virtual and I think that’s really People really want different things," said Carrie Dorski, Artisan and Business Center at NWTC, Operations Coordinator.

For students at the college, classes did return to in-person last August.

And while it sure has been a challenging year for many, they say there has also been great artwork that came out of this.

The Artisan and Business Center at NWTC is now showcasing their newest exhibit called “Milestones” at the Neville Museum.

The exhibit opened over the weekend and will end on May 23, 2021.

For more information on the exhibitclick here.