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New court-appointed advocates training to help children in need

Brown County is the second-highest county in the state with children under protection orders followed by Milwaukee County, and a new group of volunteers is eagerly training to help make an impact.
Posted at 6:18 AM, Jun 07, 2024

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — Training is underway for a new group of volunteers to help abused and neglected children across Brown County, and they'll be officially sworn in at the Brown County Courthouse next week.

Many of these unsung heroes say they're hoping to make a big impact.

"Once our volunteers have completed training, they'll actually be sworn in by a Brown County judge and taking the oath of confidentiality," said Casa Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator Eileen Metzler.

Metzler says she's elated about the 14 new community members training this week to learn how to connect with children who have been neglected or abused.

Metzler says the need for volunteers is great, because Brown County is the second-highest county in the state with children under protection orders—followed by Milwaukee County.

"CASA is so important because our volunteers provide a caring, consistent adult in a child's life that is currently under court protection," Metzler said.

Metzler said not only are children in need getting help, but volunteers experience a sense of pride while advocating for children just one hour a week.

"Our training is really in depth, and a lot of them walk away feeling like they've learned a lot of information that is also life-changing for themselves," Metzler said.

Metzler said CASA is celebrating 20 years in Brown County, and she says she feels that same sense of pride knowing more people are coming forward and willing to volunteer.

"I really hear from our volunteers that are newer volunteers that really see the impact they're making in a child's life, and just being able to be that consistent adult and do fun activities with them and helping advocate for them," Metzler said.

Not only is CASA celebrating 20 years of advocacy and hope in Brown County, but after this week's training, these volunteers will be sworn in Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. at the Brown County Courthouse.

Organizers say they're still accepting volunteers, and you too can help make a difference.