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Neenah students collaborate on sculptural mural

Neenah High School Mural
Posted at 11:38 AM, Jun 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-24 12:38:41-04

NEENAH (NBC 26) — More than 1,000 Neenah High School students are now the proud artists of a sculptural mural for the school.

Neenah High School mural

The design theme is "Open Hearts, Open Minds" to signify the many ways students care for one another as they strive to grow during their high school years. It promotes the wellness and mental health of the school community and highlights the "Sources of Strength" program that focuses on youth mental health. One side features hands and hearts reaching for the Sources of Strength logo, while the other side features a Fibonacci spiral in reference to the harmonious mathematical sequence seen throughout science, nature and space. The mural also has a sculptural shape with a planter on top.

"I think it will be a good reminder to our kids of all of the work that they did to overcome and the things that they either relied on friends or relied on teachers or relied on their parents, and that there is hope that they can kind of overcome anything if they use the resources around them to do so," high school principal Brian Wunderlich said.

The project was planned by art students and completed with the assistance of artist-in-residence Connie Greany of Legacy Murals. Students in the school's art classes and advisory classes all contributed to the project that was coordinated by teacher Lisa Dorschner. Each student was given a clay medallion to inscribe with drawings or positive messages for the mural. The completed medallions were glazed by art students and glued to the mural. Over half of the school's 2,000 student enrollment participated in the project.