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NBC 26 unveils 'Youth Sports: Beyond the Score' - the stories that impact young athletes, parents and coaches

NBC 26 unveils 'Youth Sports: Beyond the Score"- Revolutionizing how we report youth athletics
Posted at 6:35 PM, Apr 29, 2024

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — In Northeast Wisconsin, athletics isn't just a pastime – it's a way of life.

Just about everyone is impacted. This week we’re beginning a new chapter at NBC 26 by launching a new news series; Youth Sports: Beyond the Score.

  • NBC 26 launches Youth Sports: Beyond the Score.
  • Commitment to ongoing coverage of youth sports issues.
  • Focus on exploring all aspects of youth athletics.

It’s the start of a commitment to ongoing coverage of the issues impacting young athletes and their families.

At the core of this initiative is a dedication to exploring the multifaceted world of youth athletics. Brandon Kinnard, NBC 26 Sports Director, sheds light on this initiative's vision.

"We cover obviously a lot of High School Sports. varsity sports, we cover the competition of it. What we really haven't done is kind of look into what else goes into that. Everybody knows about the games. But what about practices, and training outside of schools, how much time and money families spend on things like this?"

The pressures of modern youth sports extend far beyond the scoreboard.
When asked what has changed in the landscape of youth athletics over the decades, Mike Elkin, Activities Director at Neenah High School says, "I really think that the pressure to be involved in something for the win and not the development.”

“Sometimes we just look at how do we get the win, how do we put the trophy on the case," Elkin adds.

Moving forward, NBC 26’s Youth Sports: Beyond the Score will delve deep into the issues young athletes and their families are dealing with everyday. From over-use injuries to staggering financial burdens, NBC 26 is committed to uncovering truths that may surprise you.

"In my research, I found a study from the Aspen Institute... they estimate that somewhere between 30 and $40 billion are collectively spent on youth sports by families," Brandon Kinndard shares about the annual cost of youth athletics.

This initiative is dedicated to promoting education and raising awareness of today’s sports culture.

“I feel it's my role here as activities director to our parents, to our kids, and our coaches to try to educate them as much as possible,” Elkin says. “If you can change one kid, maybe that changes another kid and another kid, and it just keeps going."

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