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Names of Waukesha Parade victims written on Buffalo gunman’s rifle: Report

APTOPIX Buffalo Supermarket Shooting
Posted at 2:40 PM, May 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-18 15:40:25-04

A Buffalo newspaper is reporting the alleged gunman who killed 10 in a racially motivated attack at a grocery store had written the names of three Waukesha Parade victims on his gun.

According to Buffalo News reporter Caitlin Dewey, the rifle had the names Virginia, Leanna and Tamara written on the barrel. The shooter, Payton Gendron, apparently referencing Virginia Sorenson, Leanna Owen and Tamara Durand, three women who were part of the Dancing Grannies group who were killed when Darrell Brooks drove his SUV through the Christmas parade last November.

TMJ4 News contacted the Dancing Grannies, who say they will have no comment on this connection. The group posted the following statement on its Facebook page:

"The Dancing Grannies just took part in a successful parade in Stoughton on Sunday. We as a team are working to spread love and joy. We are happy to discuss how the Grannies are moving forward with entertaining the great people of Wisconsin and any positive aspects of the group. As a result, we have no comment on the Buffalo tragedy.”