Morning After: Milwaukee cleans up, prays for peace

Looters, protestors descend on Sherman Park
Posted: 9:20 AM, Aug 14, 2016
Updated: 2016-08-14 10:20:56-04
Milwaukee cleans up, prays for peace

What happens now, Milwaukee?

Much of the city is waking up with a hangover that has nothing to do with a typical Saturday night tavern experience.

Sunday's early morning sun provided a fresh glimpse of the destruction on the north side of Milwaukee as protesters and looters targeted area businesses following a fatal police shooting Saturday afternoon.

Multiple businesses were destroyed in the Sherman Park neighborhood overnight as looters mingled with protesters and turned the evening into a violent free-for-all. 

On Sunday morning, it was time for prayer -- and cleanup.

Some residents showed up to the burned-out BP Gas station that burned down at 35th and Burleigh with brooms and garbage bags -- despite some mild admonishment from police officers about tampering with a crime scene.

Nate Hamilton, an activist and brother of Dontre Hamilton, also showed up with a group of people and led a prayer before beginning cleanup efforts.

Milwaukee Police did not have any new updates Sunday on the previous evening's events, but may have further updates in the afternoon.

The initial word from the department was that there were three arrests, but reviewing video of the incidents would likely place that number much higher.

For Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, there's short- and long-term question on how to address the strife in a tense neighborhood. 

"I know this neighborhood very, very well, and there's a lot of good people who live in this area, the Sherman Park area, who want to have order restored," Barrett said at a midnight news conference.

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