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Miscommunication on Manitowoc Road leads to frustrated residents

Miscommunication on Manitowoc road leads to frustrated residents
Posted at 7:00 AM, Jul 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-15 15:31:18-04

BELLEVUE (NBC26) — The construction on the 3200 block of Manitowoc Road in Bellevue, Wisconsin, running from Allouez Avenue to Kewaunee Road has been going on for over a year now. The village is repairing the road, while also putting in new sidewalks. One resident, Deb Rosin, said she heard it'll be complete in October.

"They actually came in and they came to houses, and I mean, we signed a letter stating what was going to be done," Rosin said. "And you were given a provision of how much they were going to be using of your front yard."

The Village of Bellevue office said it's taken many steps to ensure residents on the street and off are aware of what's going on, whether that's in in-person meetings or fliers.

"Information from those meetings was made available on various social media, e-newsletters that were sent out to any village resident, as well as notices were mailed out to everyone in the area, indicating what to expect and what they could anticipate with the project," Community Development Director Andrew Vissers said.

Miscommunication on Manitowoc road leads to frustrated residents
All homeowners on Manitowoc road recieved numerous notification, via in-person, newsletters or fliers like this one.

Rosin and other surrounding Manitowoc Road neighbors agreed they were aware of what was going on and when it was going to happen. But one homeowner, Pam Spaulding was not happy when that construction from her street moved up into her driveway. She said she had no warning this was happening and did not receive the 24 to 48 hour or day-of notice from construction workers.

"In this case, I'm aware of the location," Vissers said. "There was no answer to the door, they proceeded with the project, the individual came home, street parking was made available. It was only about a 40-minute disruption."

Spaudling, however, said she did not get that day-of knock on the door. She was frustrated by, what she says, the lack of communication from the village to Manitowoc Road residents, and hopes an issue like this doesn't come up again.

Vissers said the department is going to learn from this experience, adding more posts on social media, specifically Facebook, and via the weekly newsletters. But, when in doubt, Vissers said the best thing to do if a resident is confused is to call the village.

"With a construction project this size, there's always going to be different expectation levels of communication that people are going to have," Vissers said. "Some are going to have very high expectations. Some are just, you know, they're okay with the types of communications that come out."