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The Pancake Place features taste of Green Bay

Longtime customers say The Pancake Place in Green Bay offers some of the best breakfast and portion sizes in the state.
Portions typically fill the plate at The Pancake Place in Green Bay
Posted at 3:45 AM, Apr 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-13 04:45:00-04

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — If you ask most northeast Wisconsin natives where to find the best place to eat breakfast, your answer will vary; but people in the Green Bay area overwhelming swear by The Pancake Place and their portions.

The business has been open for 44 years, and it's been voted the Best Breakfast in town for 13 consecutive years.

One of the supervisors says the country-style stuffed hashbrowns and plate-sized pancakes are a fan favorite.

Roger Hutjens is from De Pere, and he's been enjoying The Pancake Place for the last decade. He says it feels just as great walking in as it does leaving.

"You walk in, and you're hungry, and you're greeted with all the smiles from the staff. You recognize people, and you can say hi. On the way out, you got a full belly, and they say 'goodbye and see you again next time, sayonara.' It's good," Hutjens said.

Hutjens said the owner always goes the extra mile during the holidays and adds extra touches for customers and employees.

He says it's a great spot to visit, especially around Veterans Day, because the employees make vets feel special and appreciated.