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Automobile Gallery and Event Center prepares for upcoming events

The Automobile Gallery and Event Center in Green Bay offers different vehicles from the last century, and there's something for every generation.
Posted at 4:00 AM, Apr 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-13 09:38:13-04

The Automobile Gallery and Event Center features different vehicles from several generations, and there's something for everyone to enjoy.

More than 100 cars are on display at all times, and their collection is constantly changing. So, if you stop in today and come back in the coming months, you'll likely see something new.

Automobile Gallery and Event Center

"This is a Model T. On October 7, 1913, and the Ford Motor Company opened the doors, and it took them 19 minutes to make a Model T. Just the day before, it took 12 and a half hours," Automobile Gallery and Event Center Executive Director Darrel Burnett said.

Burnett offered an in-person tour and history lesson of the collection.

"That's really what separates us from a typical automotive museum. We are a true gallery. So, we look at the automobile as art. So, we're featuring 113 years of very rare automobiles, but also, everything here has to tell a story," Burnett said.

There are more than 100 cars under one roof. A 1917 electric-powered Milburn is adjacent to a 2020 Ford GT. These are just two cars in this amazing collection that offer a glimpse of where drivers have come in comparison to where they're going.

"It's amazing to think where we're going in the next 100 years when you look around to see how far we have come in the first 100 years," Burnett said.

This collection even featured two Deloreans. One is a classic DMC-12, and the other is the retrofitted version to resemble the same Delorean Marty McFly used to travel through time in Back to the Future.

"Christopher LLoyd who played Doc in Back to the Future signed the visor on this car, and this is built to the exact specifications of Robert Zemeckis' and his monster, Back to the Future," Burnett said.

Each vehicle tells a story and sparks an emotion for visitors and enthusiasts alike.

"That's really what we want to do is inspire and bring back memories. As I like to say, we have a 110-story building here in downtown Green Bay, and we hope you enjoy every one of them," Burnett said.

The Automobile Gallery and Event Center has all sorts of events scheduled.