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Leadership Green Bay raising money to help veterans in need

Veterans First of Northeast Wisconsin announced plans to building affordable housing for veterans, and Leadership Green Bay is hoping to raise money and add to that project.
Posted at 5:27 AM, Mar 05, 2024

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — Brown County recently donated three-and-a-half acres of land to help veterans have a place to live, and now Leadership Green Baywants to help.

The space on Green Bay's east side is poised to be transformed, and organizers are asking for the community's support.

"Oh, we are so thankful of Leadership Green Bay Team Six to help us with this project," said Gail Nohr with Veterans First of Northeast Wisconsin.

Nohr said she was thrilled to find out Leadership Green Bay decided to start raising money to add to their cottage court project where veterans will be able to utilize affordable housing while learning life skills to adjust to civilian life.

Leadership Green Bay members Joe Kasprzycki and Dan Mondloch say it's a small price, compared to what many of these veterans have already sacrificed.

"This is such an incredible project for the community, and anyone that's passionate about helping our veterans here in Green Bay, I think should support it," Mondloch said.

"I mean it feels amazing. It feels great. Any little bit that we can do to help out these people who gave so much for their country and so much for the freedoms that we have so we can sit here and do this together really means a lot to me, and it really hits home as far as stuff we really want to be involved in," Kasprzycki said.

Veterans First of Northeast Wisconsin is planning to build 21 cottages with a community center for veterans on this plot of land near St. Anthony Street.

Leadership Green Bay is trying to raise $80,000 to build a carriage house to serve as a storage space for tools and building materials. Once the project is finished, veterans will be able to use the space as storage.

"Everybody needs help at some point in their lives, and this is our ability to kind of help out those veterans and do what we can to help them get back on their feet and back into society, and every little bit helps," Kasprzycki said.

Kasprzycki said they hope to raise enough to build the garage space, and any additional money raised will be used to fill the garage with tools.

Nohr says she hopes more people contribute to the cause, and she would like to see it break ground on construction by May or June.

"If you can find it in your heart to support our veterans who are in need of support of safe housing, please consider donating," Nohr said.

Nohr says she is currently training to become a counselor so she can mentor veterans once the project is finished.

Right now, the entire project needs to be approved by the planning commission and common council, but Nohr says she hopes plans move forward and they can begin construction on the carriage house by May or June.

Nohr says four of the 21 units will be used as rapid-rehousing spaces, and that will be a 24-month program.

The 17 remaining units will be affordable housing for veterans.

She says the ultimate goal is to help veterans transition to civilian life and hopefully save enough money where they will ultimately be able to buy their own homes.

Leadership Green Bay could definitely use your help with the project.