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Lawsuits filed against party host and two adult teens who allegedly caused Pulaski bonfire explosion

shawano county pulaski bonfire explosion
Posted at 8:00 AM, Nov 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-16 09:00:15-05

BROWN COUNTY (NBC 26) — Some teenagers who suffered severe burns in a bonfire explosion near Pulaski last fall have filed separate lawsuits against the party host and two teens who allegedly caused the explosion.

The explosion happened in the Town of Maple Grove in Shawano County.

Documents obtained by NBC 26 list Benjamin Van Asten, Isaac Nelson and his parents, Brady McAllister and his father, and Brandon Brzeczkowski as plaintiffs.

The suits all list the homeowner, Allan Eron, and adult teens Samuel Armstrong and Tyler Frisch as defendants.

The documents allege Armstrong and Frisch placed a 55-gallon plastic drum containing gasoline near a bonfire, causing an explosion and hurting several people.

The suits also claim negligence against the homeowner and the two adult teens.

Several insurance companies are also listed as defendants in the suits.

The defendants have 45 days to respond with written statements to Brown County Circuit Court.

No court hearings have been scheduled.

In a separate case, Armstrong is facing 13 felony counts of injury by negligent use of a weapon or explosive in connection to last year's incident. He is scheduled for a final pre-trial conference on Dec. 6 in Shawano County Court.