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Jesse Vang was charged in 2016 with conspiracy to commit human trafficking, charge later dismissed

Posted at 8:17 PM, Mar 07, 2024

We are learning more about the history of Jesse Vang.

  • Jesse Vang was babysitting Elijah Vue on Feb. 20, and reported the boy missing, according to a criminal complaint
  • Vang is charged with neglecting a child but is not charged in Vue's disappearance
  • We learned more this week about some of Jesse Vang's history

Note: The following information is disturbing.

Jesse Vang was charged in Outagamie County in 2016 with conspiracy to commit human trafficking and sexual assault.

Those charges were later dismissed.

But here's some of what the complaint says:

  • The victim was a woman,
  • Two women were at a party in Appleton using meth and heroin, and later went to a hotel,
  • The victim used more drugs at the hotel, was left alone with two men, and was sexually assaulted,
  • The victim was told she would be taken to Minnesota, and would not be her own person anymore,
  • The victim feared she would be forced to work in the sex trade, and
  • The other woman eventually returned, and the two women got away to another hotel, where they stayed in a bathroom and someone must have called the police.

A search warrant says that about a month and a half later, the victim told police she no longer wanted the sexual assault investigated.
Jesse Vang was charged anyway with conspiracy to commit human trafficking and sexual assault, but court documents say the charges were dismissed, after a federal indictment against Vang.

NBC 26 found no federal human trafficking or sex assault charges against Vang.

Vang was federally indicted on conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, sentenced to federal prison, and then probation.

NBC 26 searched a federal prison database for the name Jesse Vang.

There was one result, which said that a federal inmate was released in February of 2022.

To reiterate, this story is about some of Vang's history. The search for Elijah Vue continues, and Jesse Vang has not been charged in Elijah's disappearance.

The charge against Vang is neglecting a child, and Vang does not have an attorney in the neglecting a child case to reach out to for comment, and Vang remains in jail.