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Hobart embraces greatness in growing

Posted at 10:49 PM, Jan 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-09 23:49:01-05

HOBART — Greatness is growing. That's what the Village of Hobart's motto is, and as the fastest growing municipality in Brown County, and one of the fastest growing areas in all of Wisconsin, it couldn't be truer.

"In the past six years that I've been here, the best way to describe the growth has been astounding," Aaron Kramer, Village of Hobart Administrator, said. "Since 2010, we have added over 60% to our population."

As of last year, the Department of Administration showed that Hobart had an estimated population of 10,486, and this number continues to climb.

Kramer said he thinks low taxes, an emphasis on safety like having their own police and fire department and a welcoming community are the reasons.

He said it's a mix of all ages of people moving in, but especially families with children, and businesses are moving in just as quickly.

"Someone comes in with a dream, a vision or "I want to start a business," and we greet them with open arms,"' Kramer said.

Hobart Family Dentistry is one of those businesses with a dream in Hobart. They opened their doors in October 2022

"We thought that this would be a great community in Hobart. We saw the population doubled in the last 10 years," Dr. Adam Pasono, who owns the business with his wife, said. "We talked with the village, and they said all the residents were looking for more businesses. One of the demands was dentistry."

Pasono said he's excited to continue to meet longtime and new Hobart residents this year and looks forward to serving the community.

Kramer said he is looking forward to the village's big plans in 2023 to build a new, $4 million fire station, which is expected to break ground in April.

He added that the community continues working to address its growing needs with this year's expansion of Hillcrest Elementary, new subdivisions and the addition of 60 acres in the business district, which are filling up already.

"We have staff meetings, and I joke and say it will slow down, but I don't really say that anymore because I don't think they believe me at all," Kramer said. "But, it's a good thing. We like to be busy and have that excitement seeing new projects are getting off the ground."