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In edible drugs or marijuana: 'Fentanyl is everywhere,' Oneida Nation officials warn

Posted at 4:47 PM, May 30, 2024

ONEIDA NATION (NBC 26) — The Oneida Nation is working to bring awareness to the prevalence of the dangerous drug fentanyl, and offering resources to test for it.

  • "Fentanyl is everywhere," was the message at an event held Thursday on the Oneida Nation
  • With more summertime gatherings, if drug use is involved, fentanyl can present a risk, said Mari Kriescher, behavioral health director for Oneida Nation
  • Testing strips can reveal whether fentanyl is hidden in other drugs like edibles or marijuana

There is an effort to make sure that people know that the dangerous drug fentanyl can be anywhere.
An event on the Oneida Nation Thursday sought to bring attention to the risk and the availability of resources.

"We're finding [fentanyl] in any type of illicit drug that is out there," said Mari Kriescher, behavioral health director for Oneida Nation.

That means fentanyl can be found in drugs including edibles, pills of unknown origin, or marijuana, Kriescher said.

The campaign from Oneida Nation happens as there is a nationwide effort to make people aware of this dangerous drug.

At summertime gatherings, if drug use is involved, there can be a risk from fentanyl, Kriescher said.

Part of the 'Fentanyl is Everywhere' effort is trying to make drug use safer for people who are going to use drugs.

"That's why fentanyl testing strips are very important," Kriescher said.

"Even if you're not ready to get on your path to recovery, or if you are curious about trying something that you're not sure about, fentanyl testing strips will actually test those drugs for you."

If fentanyl kills someone, Kriescher says the effects go well beyond that person.

"It has really been devastating to work through families and their grief of even the unknown, the unexpected deaths that are happening due to people not knowing the drugs they are using," Kriescher said.

If you or someone you know needs help, you can call or text 988, which is the suicide and crisis lifeline.
Oneida Behavioral Health: (920) 490-3860
More information on fentanyl testing strips can be found here.