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Hundreds show up to pro-choice rally in downtown Appleton

For the third day in a row, protesters in the Green Bay area are rallying against the Supreme Court's vote to overturn Roe v. Wade
Posted at 6:15 PM, Jun 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-27 01:23:07-04

APPLETON, Wis. (NBC 26) — Protests are continuing in the Green Bay area over the Supreme Court's decision to reverse Roe v. Wade.

It's the third day in a row that protesters — both women and men — are rallying against the overturn of federal abortion rights.

"Bodily autonomy is super important, and everyone should have a right to that," protester Taylor Dubois said.

This rally drew in hundreds of protesters who share the same beliefs at and across the street from Houdini Plaza.

"If we don't rally, and we don't stick together and fight and say something, and talk back and get angry, nothing will fix itself," protester Mekayla Tanck said. "Nothing will get done."

Organizer Marianne Radley Welhouse says the protest was planned weeks ahead of time with an expectation of what the ruling was going to be.

"So now, we're here knowing what's happened, what's to come," Radley Welhouse said.

A Wisconsin law dating back to 1849 bans nearly all abortions.

"We would like to see something happen in Wisconsin that gives women more access to abortion," Radley Welhouse said. "And I know that we are going to try and fight for something like that to happen. I just don't know what that's going to look like at this point."

Most of the people at the protest were women. However, men are taking this issue to heart.

"They should have the right to decide whether they want to like make love and keep the baby," protester Baylen Levine said. "And it's not the government's right to just like ban getting rid of the baby."

"It's so touching to see people come out even though it doesn't really affect them directly," Dubois said.

Both sexes showing their passion on one emotional issue.

All of the pro-choice protests NBC 26 has covered since Friday — including Sunday's — have been peaceful.