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Heat puts even frozen treats to the test

Posted: 10:34 PM, Jul 18, 2019
Updated: 2019-07-18 23:34:28-04

DE PERE, Wis. — The owner of Zesty's says it may be so hot on Friday that people may not even be craving a frozen custard.

"Our walk up store, usually during those days, we're not as busy," Ted Zieman said.

This is typically the busy season for Zieman. Thursday, there was a long line of people once the sun went down. When it rises again, things may change.

Bay Care Clinic Emergency Medicine Physician Scott Westenberg said people can quickly get sick or uncomfortable in such hot weather.

"When you start feeling symptoms you need to get in the shade, get a fan blowing on you, cooling your skin with water or that sort of thing and letting the fan blow across or some kind of breeze blowing across will cool you down a lot faster," Westenberg said.

He recommends people hydrate early and often if their headed outside on Friday.