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Green Bay Metro Fire Foundation excited to benefit from Give BIG Green Bay

The Green Bay Metro Foundation is a newer non-profit group, and leaders say they're excited they'll get the chance to benefit from year's Give BIG Green Bay fund-raising event.
Green Bay Metro Fire Department
Posted at 3:30 AM, Feb 21, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-21 09:43:52-05

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — The Green Bay Metro Fire Foundation is one of 50 non-profit groups to benefit from this year's Give BIG Green Bay fundraiser.

The fire chief says the money will pay for a number of things the foundation needs, and he's excited to find out how much they'll be getting.

"This is going to be huge for us," said Green Bay Fire Chief Matthew Knott.

Chief Knott says he feels truly honored the Green Bay Metro Fire Foundation was selected to receive donations this year through Give BIG Green Bay.

"This is actually the first year of our foundation existing and our first year involved with Give BIG Green Bay. So, we're really excited about what the future holds for this foundation and our involvement with Give BIG Green Bay moving forward," Chief Knott said.

Chief Knott says much-needed donations will help pay for resources like the foundation's cadet program, community outreach, and improve facilities.

"We're super excited and look forward to what the donations look like, and like I said, we don't really have a goal, because we don't know what to expect," Chief Knott said.

With more non-profit groups benefiting this year and more people dealing with inflation, Chief Knott said he truly appreciates what people can donate, and he says he doesn't have a specific goal in mind.

"And, we really don't. It's our first year, and we really don't know what to expect. Anything helps, and we're really excited about that. We have some specific items we'd like to purchase, and like I said, this is really a great thing that really supports all of our efforts," Chief Knott said.

Chief Knott says donations will benefit all sorts of resources.

That includes everything from training equipment and improvements to new facilities.