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Child care availability as students are out for summer

Green Bay Area Public Schools out for the summer
Posted at 6:45 PM, Jun 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-09 00:54:55-04

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — For Green Bay Area Public Schools (GBAPS), school is finally out for the summer.

After a shortened year due to the ongoing pandemic, Tuesday was the last day for students across the district.

In person learning begins for some students at Green Bay Area Public Schools

At Beaumont Elementary School, students rushed out the door the minute the bell rang.

Green Bay Area Public Schools out for the summer
Green Bay Area Public Schools out for the summer

For one student who just finished 3rd grade, he shared what they did on the last of school.

green bay area public schools out for summer

“It was very awesome, it was pretty fun and we also did some drawing stuff. My sister also got a little face paint right here too. A little bumble bee," said Zekial Kwik.

However, for many parents summer can bring stress and anxiety as many try to figure out arrangements for child care.

“There’s just been a shortage in general and that has really been exacerbated especially now as people do go back to work, and do go back to offices, buildings and trying to figure out what to do with children," said Paula Breese, Executive Director at Family & Childcare Resources of NEW.

She said right now your best bet is looking for other alternative programs like at the Boys & Girls Club or finding a friend or family member to watch over them.

“They can get a child care referral from us for free, it doesn’t guarantee there’s an opening in those places but we can at least kind of point them in the right direction,” Breesee said.

To help with the wide spread need of childcare, GBAPS is offering full day summer school to offer a combination of academic and enrichment opportunities.

“We know that in general our day cares are overwhelmed and this is a great opportunity to get our kids in to some great learning activities for the summer and keep them engaged. And then parents know they’re in a really safe place,” said Lisa Johnson, GBAPS Extended Learning and Summer School Coordinator.

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For students participating in summer school, that begins Monday, June 14.