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Grand Chute Fire Department warns of fundraising scam

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Posted at 2:55 PM, Aug 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-25 15:55:43-04

GRAND CHUTE (NBC 26) — The Grand Chute Fire Department is issuing a fundraising scam alert, stating that they are not soliciting any funds.

Scammers are targeting people by phone claiming they are from the Fire Department, asking for a donation for Family Safety Day, and asking for credit card information.

In a statement from the Grad Chute Fire Department, the department is not soliciting funds from the public for any reason. The Fire Department will never call asking for a donation or request any form of payment information.

The Department also shared some ups to keep you safe from phone scams.

  • Always think twice before picking up any call or responding to any text from an unidentified number or unknown area code.
  • Let unknown class go to voicemail, confirm call-back numbers on a company website.
  • Do not confirm or share any sensitive information over the phone
  • Do not respond to any sense of urgency request, especially via an unsolicited phone call. If you are unsure, hang up and call the main public line of any service requesting information.