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Finally being heard through the noise

Fox Crossing and Menasha residents filing noise complaints are finally being heard
Bucklin's Tree Service
Posted at 6:17 PM, Jan 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-26 19:17:17-05

FOX CROSSING (NBC 26) — Residents of Fox Crossing and Menasha have been dealing with construction sounds coming from Bucklin's Tree Service all hours of the night for years.

“It sounds like I have a construction crew in my driveway digging up the concrete all night,” said Amy Stephany, a neighboring resident.

According to Amy, residents have been calling in noise complaints for years and it hasn't gotten any better.

“I went and talked to all my neighbors. Everybody hears it, everybody complains nothing gets done,” said Stephany.

Amy purchased her home in Menasha, bordering Fox Crossing, in the summer of 2019. The noise began that winter.

“So, besides the fact that it's going on all night long while we're trying to sleep, it's constant through the weekend. If it's a holiday weekend I can never have people over, it's so loud I can't hold a conversation in my driveway, I can't open my windows in the summer,” said Stephany.

For Amy, moving is not an option.

“I gave my life to buy this house, everything I had to buy this house,” said Stephany. “I cannot afford to pack up and move.”

She and other residents have taken numerous measures to try to work something out.

“Fighting trying to figure out how we can get some rules, ordinances, something against them so we can get a normal person's rest at night,” said Stephany.

NBC 26 spoke to Officer Dan Wiechman at the Fox Crossing Police Department.

“We've received several complaints from neighbors surrounding the business sporadically throughout the past several years actually,” said Officer Daniel Wiechman, Fox Crossing Community Liaison Officer.

According to Officer Wiechman, over the last four years, there have been 31 noise complaints for the business address in their system. But the question on everyone's mind is how can this business operate all hours of the night?

“As far as specific noise ordinances, it depends on what type of commercial and industrial zoning there is,” said Officer Wiechman.

Wiechman says Bucklin's has multiple zonings making it difficult to regulate.

“The owner is aware and literally doesn't care,” said Stephany.

NBC 26 spoke with the owner of Bucklin's. He said, “I am working very closely with the officials in Fox Crossing to resolve the matter.”

For Residents, it all comes down to one thing.

“My goal is 100% the noise ordinance,” said Stephany.

According to Officer Wiechman, a solution may be on the way.

“So, whatever it takes for us to come to that solution and to work with everybody involved for the mutual benefit of all, that's our main goal,” said Officer Wiechman.

The Fox Crossing Police Department is now working with Bucklin's and other city departments to try to find a solution.