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Fabricating artists "The Fab Collab" create dragonfly sculpture at On Broadway's IgNight Market

Kent Hutchison works on dragonfly
Posted at 12:00 AM, Sep 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-16 09:17:02-04

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — Kent Hutchison is the lead designer of a local group of artists called “The Fab Collab.”

"We highlight the fabrication component, which is almost like a performance," he said. "We're out there, we don't have a huge plan when we do a project like this. We kind of get on site with a bunch of materials, and then we work through it based on a design that we've sketched out, so it's kind of the whole artistic process is kind of on display."

Right now, the Fab Collab has been working on a dragonfly sculpture during On Broadway’s IgNight Market series.

“It really does draw a crowd, it's interesting," said Brooke Hafs, Marketing Director for On Broadway. "You're not quite sure what you're seeing right away, so once you walk up to their display and you see power tools, and lumber and pipes and all different kinds of materials, it's a different kind of artwork that maybe people don't get to see every day, they don't get to experience every day, that they can either try out themselves or maybe their kids would like to engage in. I think it provides a ton of value to people who attend.”

The Fab Collab has created projects at IgNights in years past, and they to pick things that will draw attention; a dragon and a griffin are just a couple examples of pieces they have made, usually setting the sculptures on fire after completing them. It’s great to see the green bay community coming out and supporting all different kinds of artists, said Hutchison.

“Artists are really under the gun right now to maintain a living because the pandemic has really put a lot of them out of business," he said. "The IgNight Market is the premier event right now that is that is paying artists to show their crafts, and that's super important on many different levels that we fund our artists in Green Bay."

If you want to watch the Fab Collab's dragonfly come to life, Hutchison and the other Fab Collab artists will be finishing the sculpture at the IgNight Market this Saturday night. The sculpture is right at the edge of the parking lot of the Neville Museum.

“There is something that is so fun and energetic and really magic about working with other creatives, thinking together, solution developing together, in a three-dimensional artistic space," said Hutchison. “One of the coolest parts about the Fab Collab is that we really want people to come and engage with us. Ask us what we're doing, why we have these tools, how do we make that how do we make the framework. One of the things that we focus on with Fab Collab is education.”