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Door County Candle Company raises $800,000 for aid to Ukraine

Posted at 10:42 AM, Aug 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-25 13:53:36-04

STURGEON BAY (NBC 26) — The Door County Candle Company announced Thursday it has raised $800,000 to provide aid to Ukraine.

The company celebrated the milestone Wednesday, which also fell on Ukraine’s Independence Day and marked six months from the start of the war.

At the beginning of the conflict, Christiana Gorchynsky Trapani, the owner of Door County Candle Company and second-generation Ukrainian-American, decided to make candles in the colors of the Ukraine flag.

All of the profits from the blue and yellow candles are going to "Razom for Ukraine” a non-profit dedicated to assisting with the humanitarian crisis.

Back in March, Trapani said she expected to sell between 50 to 100 candles. She ended up selling thousands.

“We stand with our fellow Ukrainians and honor their strength and resilience on this significant day, Ukraine’s Independence Day. The last six months have been heartbreaking to see the devastation occurring in Ukraine," Trapani said in a statement issued late Wednesday evening. "We are grateful for the outpouring of support that has allowed us to donate $800,000 so far, and we will continue our efforts as Ukraine still needs our help.”

The company is now working toward a goal of raising $1 million for Ukrainian aid.