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Donors surpass $3.04 million during Give BIG Green Bay

Organizers will tell you "it's not about the amount," but there's no denying that twinkle in everyone's eyes when donors shatter last year's total of nearly $2.5 million.
Posted at 12:05 PM, Feb 22, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-22 18:45:33-05

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — A record 5,617 donors turned out to contribute more than $3.04 million to this year's Give BIG Green Bay.

With more non-profit groups benefiting this year than ever before, many groups say the need to donate is just as great.

Greater Green Bay Community Foundation President and CEO Dennis Buehler says he was blown away by this year's generosity to help 50 non-profits.

Hey cheered, "Thank you, Green Bay," as the total passed $3-million just 15 minutes before the noon deadline.

"We thank you so much again. It's been amazing to watch our community step up to buy into so many fantastic causes," said Awaken Executive Director Kasia Klaus.

"It really made a difference for us, because we've been very grant-dependent as an organization. So, to bring in new donors to learn about who we are and what we're doing, and the funds just help give us some flexibility to continue to support sustainability of our organization," said Beverly Scow with Wise Women Gathering Place.

Non-profit leaders like Alisa Gerke with Unity Hospice and Dave Taylor with the Northeast Wisconsin Rescue Taskforce say Give BIG also raises community awareness about their mission.

"The wonderful work that non-profits do, and then to see the generosity of the individuals, the organizations, that believe in our mission. So, it's really about the awareness, and then obviously the funding definitely helps support whatever the mission is for the individual organization," Gerke said.

"For us public safety and military folks it really gives us a chance to go out there and enhance training to get people to recognize, there's things to do and prepare for. Public safety, we're always looking for the community to help us out. We're there to help you, and you're there to help us," Taylor said.

Groups relying on this year's donations to make improvements before the upcoming NFL Draft say this year's contributions will be a huge help.

"So, we want to put spring bulbs in the planters and things like that so when people come downtown, they look at that, they are impressed, they are engaged, they are active; and it really puts Green Bay on the map," said Jen Metcalf with Downtown Green Bay.

Give BIG wrapped up at noon, and plans are already in the works for next year's fundraiser.

If you missed your chance to donate, you can still reach out to the non-profit of your choice directly to help make a difference.