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Doctors recommend a routine checkup as the school year begins

Posted at 5:22 PM, Aug 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-18 10:52:29-04

FOX VALLEY (NBC 26) — We're approaching another back-to-school season and in addition to buying new pencils and pens, health experts say it's an important time to make sure children's immunizations and checkups are up to date.

"I have three kids and as of this year they're all going to be in school,” said Lydia Rhoads, a Fox Valley mother.

Rhoads said part of her back-to-school routine includes taking her children to the doctor for a check-up.

"I start getting back to school ready probably around mid-July because I just want to make sure I have time. That way if anything pops ups during those exams, we have time to handle [it] before school actually starts,” Rhoads said.

Dr. Brittany Goodrich-Braun at Partnership Community Health said back to school is a great reminder to get your child in with their doctor.

"We do recommend once the kids are school age, that we see them every year and sometimes when they're not due for their vaccines, you kind of loose track of it,” Dr. Goodrich-Braun said.

She also said it is important kids get screened for hearing and vision too.

And with COVID-19 still top of mind, she's seeing more families stop in to get their children the COVID vaccine before the school year starts.

"Now that it has been out for longer, and more people have seen that children have done okay with it, there's more people feeling reassured that it is safe for their kids to get vaccinated,” Dr. Goodrich-Braun said.

This year, that was part of Rhoads back to school check-up.

"My youngest was finally able to get her vaccine, so that was a really exciting day in the house. She got her first in the series, my older two got their boosters to get ready for going back to school,” Rhoads said.

It gives peace of mind for this mother of three as her children get ready to head back to school.