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Do you know 'The Meatman'? Local storyteller now hosting monthly Story Slam nights

Marty 'The Meatman'
Posted at 2:31 AM, Sep 24, 2021

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — Marty Sosnowski, known as “The Meatman” has a lot of stories to share.

“I was that punk you knew in high school that you said was never going to make it," he said. "And ended up going to college, getting my degree, becoming a rock and roll photographer and spend a good portion of my life doing that, so I just had the greatest life.”

Even his name has a story.

“I like throwing meat at people," said Sosnowski. "And people look at me and go, 'What?' I used to hang out with a whole bunch of punk rockers, and the PMRC came around, and they were banning people from doing things, and we just decided one day as rock fans we weren't going to put up with it anymore. We were going to do something that they were just totally railing against, and we threw meat at the rock'n'roll band. And I just became known as The Meatman because I started it.”

The Meatman wants everyone to share their stories, the crazy, the hilarious, the scary and the sad, at the Art Garage’s new Story Slam event. The first event’s theme: lost and found.

“It can be anything from losing your car keys to losing your soul," said Sosnowski. "Everybody has a lost and found story.”

Anyone can come tell a true story for about five to ten minutes. Judges will award first second and third place prizes, judging based on if they believe the story is true or not. You don’t need to have any experience to tell a story.

“This is about coming and telling stories about your life," said Sosnowski. "About your about how you got to be who you are in this community. Everybody has a story, believe me. People are interested in your stories.”

The first story slam is this Saturday night, September 25th, from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Art Garage in Green Bay. The events will take place the fourth Saturday of every month. October's theme is Halloween, November is 'I'll Never Do That Again,' January is 'Mom & Dad Are Going to Kill Me' and February is 'People's Choice.' It’s free to attend and to participate. The events will be BYOB as well as bring-your-own-food. You can sign up to tell your story here.