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Developer seeks 40 acres in Oconto Falls for new subdivision & multi-family housing

Posted at 5:52 PM, Apr 22, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-22 18:52:56-04

If all goes well, home buyers could begin moving into new homes in a potential new development in Oconto Falls in two years, according to the city administrator.

  • A developer seeks 40 acres of land in Oconto Falls to build a subdivision and multi-family housing, City documents show.
  • A 40-acre development could mean 40 new homes, by the time roads and other space requirements are considered, said Oconto Falls City Administrator Peter Wills.
  • A realtor who works in Oconto Falls believes the potential new development would sell out.

In Oconto Falls, City documents show a developer is looking for 40 acres of land to build a subdivision as well as multi-family housing.

Ann Senn, a realtor who lives in works in Oconto Falls, believes the potential subdivision would sell out.

"In Oconto Falls, there's definitely a [housing] shortage," Senn said.

"Most listings that hit that market sell pretty quickly.”

City Administrator Peter Wills didn’t want to name-names as far as developers, but said if all goes well, new home buyers could start to move in in two years.

A potential 40-acre development, could mean 40 new homes, after space is set aside for roads and other requirements, Wills said.

"We’ve got developers contacting us, saying that they’re being contacted by folks and they’re looking for a spot to build, they're looking for a home that's built," Wills said.

"So as a city, we want to make sure we’re growing our city and really helping fulfill that demand.”

Wills said to keep up with demand, they’d like to see 10-to-12 new homes built per year.

Right now, they’re seeing about one-to-two built per year.

He said rental units are needed in town, too.

Mayor Clint Braun knows personally about housing demand.

“I actually just recently purchased a home in myself in town, I was renting, and looking at the market the last few years, it seems like as soon as something hits the market, if it’s priced reasonably, it doesn’t last long," Braun said.

“I have people coming to me consistently, asking ‘Where can I live in town?’ and most of the places seem to be full.”

If the development goes through, there could soon be more options.