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December's lack of snow delays plans for Northeast Wisconsin outdoors enthusiasts

Posted at 1:48 AM, Dec 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-21 02:48:09-05

GREEN BAY, Wis. (NBC26) -- First, Covid-19 forced Northeast Wisconsinites to sit around at home.

Now, a lack of snowfall is leaving outdoor enthusiasts like Jacob Holman without anything to do.

"I only work a part time job, so I don't get to do much," Oconto Falls native Holman said. "And other than that, it's just kind of boring during the winter because there isn't much to do. Especially with Covid season, you can't really go out and do much with your friends."

Around Northeast Wisconsin, the region has only seen 1.4 inches of snow throughout December. For people like Holman who love snowmobiling and skiing, it’s been a setback.

"Usually I’m out probably around mid-December doing stuff," he said. "Even early December I was going snowmobiling and stuff like that with my friends. But lack of snow just kind of prevents that. Cant’s get out."

Other snow sport enthusiasts are traveling to places that make artificial snow. But they say it hasn’t been good enough.

"Some of the mountains are making snow, but it’s really hard because they shut down half the runs because there’s not enough snow to keep up with it," Green Bay skier Cassie Wygle. "So skiing has been very stuck."

And Holman agrees. He’s heading to Wausau to ski on artificial snow, but says it doesn’t beat the real thing.

"I'm going to Granite Peak next weekend with my friends, because they’ve got their snow machines out there," Holman said. "But still, it isn't much than what it is compared to last year."

But despite the lack of snow, local outdoors shops are seeing their sales skyrocket during this season. Zeller's Ski & Sports owner David Zeller said it’s because members of the community are still hopeful for additional winter weather in the near future.

"It’s just been absolutely unprecedented sales," Zeller said. "We are just shattering sales records."

But one heavy snowfall can change everything for those who love winter activities, whether its cross country skiing or snowboarding.

Just hope for snow and pray for the best. That way I can get out and actually do something instead of sitting around.