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De Pere man charged after police standoff outside trucking business

Posted at 2:50 PM, Jun 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-10 15:50:19-04

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — A man involved in a standoff with Green Bay Police earlier this week is now facing charges of terrorist threats.

Kevin Jones also faces charges of disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer. It stems from an incident on Tuesday at J.W. Enterprises on Packerland Drive when Jones made calls to 911 and made various threats.

According to a criminal complaint, Jones mentioned an issue in reference to his company insurance in a call to Green Bay dispatch.

The complaint said Jones called 911 and asked for “a keep the peace” at J&W Enterprises. Jones was rambling during the call, according to court documents, which also said Jones stated that if officers don't show up ASAP, he is going to "start something on fire."

The complaint also said Jones told dispatch either police show up or “there is going to be a black guy killed.”

According to statements in the complaint, dispatch called Jones back several times, during which Jones would make statements and hang up. Jones was reported saying that he needs to be protected, he is going to defend himself and shoot.

When police arrived, officers spotted Jones in his parked car. Officers stated in the criminal complaint that they ordered Jones to get out of his car, but he refused.

“Kevin [Jones] mentioned something about George Floyd but I could not make out what he said about him,” one of the officers stated in the complaint.

One of the officers tried calling and then texting Jones. According to the complaint, Jones texted back to the officer, claiming that Green Bay Police and SWAT were trying to murder him, and he was waiting for the local news media outlets that he had contacted earlier to arrive at the scene.

The complaint said the Green Bay Police Bearcat, a large police vehicle, was then requested and arrived on the scene. When the GBPD bearcat arrived and pulled up behind Jones' vehicle, he drove his car further into the parking lot.

Police said in the complaint that they told Jones they were trying to resolve the situation peacefully.

The SWAT team then arrived and took over for the officers. According to the complaint, the SWAT team was able to take Jones into custody by using a flash bang, pepper balls, and a police K-9. The SWAT team then tended to Jones’ bite wounds on his right arm before turning him over to Green Bay Police, who then took him to a hospital.

No one was at the building during this incident. Jones faces another charge of disorderly conduct for a separate incident at Aurora Bay Care Hospital, where the criminal complaint said Jones was yelling loudly while being examined for his K-9 dog bite wounds.