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Day 3: Testimony continues in Fox River boat crash trial

Jason Lindemann 8-22-23
Posted at 9:47 AM, Jun 12, 2024

Testimony continues on the third day of the trial of Jason Lindemann.

Lindemann's is charged with more than a dozen counts, including two felony charges of second-degree recklessly endangering safety.

Prosecutors claim he crashed his power boat into a paddle wheel boat on the Fox River in Oshkosh in July 2022, and then left the scene.

His defense has said the crash was an accident.


11:55 a.m. update

Jeff Loos, co-owner of the paddle wheel boat “On the Loos,” testified Wednesday morning.

Loos was captain of the paddle wheel boat the night of the crash.

Loos testified that on the night of the crash, at first he thought would the power boat was going to pass him along his side.

Loos testified that in the moments before the crash, he was not concerned until the power boat was coming right toward his boat.

Loos said that at the last moment, he tried to turned starboard (right), which is common practice for boaters when a crash is imminent with another boat.

11:10 a.m. update

A question raised by the defense is why a portion of surveillance video is not available from the paddle wheel boat’s on board surveillance system.

In a clip shown in court, the video clip’s on-screen clock skips in time.

A man who testified that he installed the surveillance cameras on “On the Loos” said the cameras’ recordings are motion-activated, and motion needs to be seen for video to record. (If there is no motion, the cameras will not record.)

Before the skip in time, the clip’s timer approximately corresponds to the time of day shown on a different camera angle clip, which the defense said shows the power boat in question pulling up alongside the paddle wheel boat after the crash. Some of the charges against the defendant allege he did not stop after the incident.

In court, there was motion on the screen before the timer skips, but the man who installed the cameras testified that certain portions of the screen were previously selected to scan for motion, and only motion in those portions would trigger recordings - for example, the portion of a screen routinely showing wave action could be de-selected, to not trigger the recordings.

Prosecution asked the witness whether he edited the video, and he said no, and the computer hard drive would not allow for that sort of editing.

8:50 a.m. update

The prosecution’s first witness of the day is an Oshkosh woman who is describing the night in question as a passenger on the paddle wheel boat "On the Loos," what happened in the crash and its immediate aftermath.

“It was chaos everywhere,” the woman testified.

“I had glass in my hands,” she added.