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Convicted of killing his own mother & stepfather, local man sentenced to life

Posted at 9:45 PM, Feb 20, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-20 22:45:09-05

(OCONTO, Wis.) - David Steinmetz, convicted of killing his own mother and stepfather in Oconto County, was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without parole.

  • David Steinmetz was sentenced Tuesday, after he previously pleaded no contest to intentional homicide in the deaths of his own mother and stepfather
  • The victims were found dead outside their Little Suamico home in October 2022, authorities said
  • David Steinmetz apologized in court before he was sentenced

(Below is a transcript of the broadcast story.)
I'm Jon Erickson in Oconto County. And inside court, a judge said, "killing the person who loved you the most."  This was for a sentencing for a man convicted of killing his own mother and stepfather. That sentence: life in prison without parole.

In the criminal complaint, David Steinmetz said a voice told him he had to take a life or his life would be taken and he felt like if he didn't kill his mom, someone would kill more of his family.

In the complaint, he says went to the family home, got out of a car and opened fire on his mom and stepfather, who were found dead outside the home in Little Suamico in October 2022.

Hannah Schuchart is the Oconto County District Attorney.

"Lori Steinmetz did everything for her child. Even up to the day, the moment that he took her life from her," [Schuchart said.]

The D.A. said that David Steinmetz was heavily using methamphetamines around that time.

And in that moment:

"When he talks about whether or not anyone said anything, I think he commented that Lori said something along the lines of, 'David, no.' And that's the last thing we know of anything that Lori or Paul said, because then their lives were taken from them," [Schuchart said.]

"You murdered the two people that probably cared for you more than anybody else on the planet Earth," [Judge Jay Conley said to David Steinmetz.]

David Steinmetz is 29 years old today. The judge decided not to give him the possibility of parole.

"I just want to say I'm sorry to anybody that I affected with this senseless act of violence. [inaudible] wish I could take it back," David Steinmetz said in court.

And the judge made a point of saying that he sentenced Steinmetz to two consecutive, separate, life sentences in this case. One for each victim.