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Celebrating national beer day with craft brewers

Posted at 6:28 PM, Apr 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-07 19:28:48-04

WISCONSIN (NBC 26) -- Many likely didn't even know that Wednesday, is national beer day. And with so many folks in northeast Wisconsin seeking new options of suds, two local craft brewers share how they are meeting the needs of an ever-growing demographic of clients.

Craft breweries like Bridge Up Brewing in Sturgeon Bay, continue popping up across northeast Wisconsin. And while the variety is vast behind the counter, you shouldn't expect to see some beers at all.

"We don't sell Bud Light at all down here. Nope, only craft beer."

Manager Tylor Torstenson says the options are constantly changing for his customers, and the ever-rotating selection breweries like his provide keeps folks on their toes.

"There's so much out there for people to explore and enjoy and it's not just one option," adds Torstenson.

And from Sturgeon Bay to Algoma, the trend of craft beers gaining popularity is steadily growing.

"We're adding new varieties of beer all the time. There are New England IPA's, which weren't around when I started. We have fungi mushroom brown ale, which we produce now yearly," says Nick Calaway the owner of Ahnapee Brewery in Algoma,

Calaway says his customers have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to flavors.

"I think there is an ability to be creative as a brewer and also as a drinker, so you can try those different beers that you've never even dreamed of."