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CASA to celebrate 20 years of serving Green Bay

A Brown County non-profit group will be celebrating 20 years of helping children in need, and it comes right after the group will benefit from the annual Give BIG Green Bay fundraiser.
Posted at 6:37 AM, Feb 13, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-13 13:38:35-05

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — More than 130 CASA volunteers advocated for 230 children in need across the Green Bay community last year, and non-profit leaders say that need is growing.

CASA is fortunately getting a huge lifeline, thanks to the community's support.

"Give BIG Green Bay is a perfect way to see 50 organizations in our community at one time and learn about all of them at one easy place right on the website, and they can donate to a few, they can pick all, or they can pick just one. But, it's a great way for the public to learn about everyone at one time," said CASA Philanthropy Director Marissa Heim.

Heim says her group was elated when they learned they were one of the lucky recipients of this year's Give BIG Green Bay.

"We were cheering and so excited and were just happy to be part of 50 non-profits that were selected," Heim said.

Non-profit volunteer Natasha Vandenbush says the donation is a huge lifeline for the group, because it gives volunteers the resources they need to help children in need—who may have been neglected of abused.

"It feels very rewarding and fulfilling to see the changes in that and see the bond that we've created in that year-plus that I've been with them," Vandenbush said.

Vandenbush said helping children one hour a week might not seem like much, but it comes with its own challenges.

"There is a wide variety of feelings, I would say. Every week is truly different. Some weeks they're having a great day or week, and other times you can just see that they're struggling and face some challenges, and there's different growing peaks and valleys with that," Vandenbush said.

Despite some of those tough weeks, she encourages others to sign up and volunteer.

"The best part is truly seeing their faces and see the love that they give," Vandenbush said.

Heim and Vandenbush said they're always looking for more volunteers. They'll be hosting CASA Presents at Lambeau Field April 20 to help celebrate 20 years of helping children in need across the community.

As a reminder, Give BIG Green Bay kicks off next week. That's February 21-22, and you too can help make a difference by donating.