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Businesses offering top dollar to get employees on the job

Posted at 6:53 PM, Jun 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-03 19:53:20-04

FOX CITIES, Wis. (NBC 26) -- Conducting a quick search of jobs currently available in Appleton and you'll find hundreds of opportunities. Across the region there are full-time production jobs available, paying more than 20 dollars an hour, and countless warehouse jobs paying similar rates that offer a slew of benefits. It seems as if employers are pulling out all the stops to get employees into their workforce.

"We're hiring full and part-time bus drivers," says Ron McDonald the General Manager of Valley Transit in the Fox Cities.

McDonald is trying to stay out of the driver's seat at Valley Transit, even though he recently found himself there.

"We were short a driver and I had to drive one day, but I try to avoid that if I can."

Right now, Valley Transit is looking for six full-time drivers and an additional four part-timers to fill a void at the company. The starting wage at the bus company is 42-thousand dollars a year and they'll even train the right candidate.

"So, before I drove bus, I actually delivered beer for a local company. I spent a lot of time moving kegs around and cases of beer," says Elmin Kurtovic a Bus Driver with Valley. Transit.

Kurtovic started working here two years ago, and while he had his commercial driver's license before being hired, today the company says they'll help the right candidate get their CDL just if the potential hire is great with customer relations.

"So, I was already used to driving a big vehicle and I thought this is going to be a more natural fit for my personality. I am more of a people person," adds Kurtovic.

And while driving a bus likely doesn't appeal to everyone, the incentives to working here go beyond hourly pay. Currently, Valley Transit is a part of a division within the city of Appleton and employees are eligible in contributing to state pensions.

"I actually had no idea until after I applied here that the city of Appleton offered a Wisconsin pension. There aren't that many places around here that still offer pensions, so it's been a real nice surprise," adds Kurtovic.