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Burger Mania: Local bar and grill partners with high school to help FBLA

Posted at 9:20 AM, Nov 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-10 12:01:04-05

MARIBEL (NBC 26) — Mr. Fitzpatrick’s Sports Advertising Class at Denmark High School has been a part of a hand on, tasty project. The entire month of October the class had been coming up with “business pitches” and one happened to be burgers.

In a class made up entirely of teenage boys, there was no surprise that they had burgers on the brain. One student even said: “Every guy wants a good burger on the menu, it's like a dream.”

Fast forward about a month and the pitched burgers became a reality thanks to the Grain Mill Bar and Grill right down the road in Maribel. They helped develop the Crunch burger and the Badger burger.

The Crunch burger is a patty topped with cheese curds, cheddar cheese slices, and topped with potato chips to give it its crunch. While the Badger burger is a patty with bacon, and cheese curds on a pretzel roll. As it stands, the Badger Burger is crushing the Crunch burger 100 to 19.

The competition is a fun idea but it's teaching the students a much deeper lesson.

“It’s been cool to see this come together because typically these kinds of projects just stay in the classroom," said Grant Schroeder, a junior at Denmark High School.

The more you talk to the students of the advertising class, the more you begin to realize this truly is a full community effort.

“We get to help out a local business that we know the owners, and the fact that they were willing to partner with us is incredible,” said Denmark sophomore Hayden Teege.

The Grain Mill in Maribel has partnered with the class to make their vision come to life.

“We have loved working with them on this, it was a great opportunity," said bar manager Kady Collins. "The owners are super involved with the school, my brother goes to the school, so it made sense for us to help out.”

The Grain Mill gets two new menu items, the students get real-life experience and Denmark’s Future Business Leaders of America get a fundraiser.

Simon Alexander, Denmark’s FBLA president, is thankful to have such a fun way of raising money.

“This gives them a chance to be entrepreneurs because they are making a project," said Alexander. "Getting that product out and then they are giving some of the money back into the school. So we are both making money.”

The competition began on November 1st and will continue until the 19th.

Let the best burger win.